Driving Academy

2024 Dates for the Driving Academy are as follows:

Thursday 25 April, Thursday 23 May, Thursday 20 June, Thursday 15 August - Harewood Driving Academy

The Programme for the day will run as follows

  • 08:15 Arrive, sign on, tea/coffee & biscuits
  • 09:00 Brief introductory talk
  • 09:15 Walk the hill with your Instructor
  • 10:15 Instructor accompanied run in your car, followed by individual runs
  • 12:30 Buffet Lunch followed by a video review of the morning runs
  • 13:45 Individual & Instructor accompanied runs continue
  • 15:45 Stop for tea & cake and video review of the afternoon runs
  • 16:00 Presentation of Certificates & Awards
  • Following signing on and early morning coffee your day will start with a brief introductory talk. You will be introduced to your instructor, who will then lead your group in a “walk of the hill”. This is an essential part of the tuition, explaining the characteristics of the corners, entry points, clipping points and exit points which are marked out with cones to help you remember.

    You will then collect your car and drive up to the paddock. On your first run of the day you will be accompanied by your instructor, followed by individual runs. Each run is videoed with the camera moving from corner to corner.

    At lunch time whilst you are enjoying your well deserved buffet lunch the video of the morning’s runs will be shown with the instructors commenting and highlighting both the good points and areas where there is room for improvement.

    After lunch the remaining corners will be videoed (with the marker cones removed) During the afternoon runs you will once again be accompanied by your instructor and the final assessment of your driving talents will be made!!

    Whilst taking afternoon tea there will be a video review of the afternoon's runs followed by the presentation of certificates with awards for the "Highest points scorer" & "Most improved driver of the day".

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